Monthly Highlights #5 – September

I am not sure if anyone actually reads or cares about these monthly updates that I have been giving here on the blog, so if you are out there and you do please say hello! I know it probably seems a bit self indulgent to think that people really want to read about what I have been doing, but I am writing these updates, less as a share of my life and more in the hope people can get some inspiration and ideas for things to do and try in Wellington. I’d love to also know what YOU have been doing, so please comment and let me know!

Having said this, lets get right into it. This month has been so wonderful, things have been picking up with the blog and I have been invited to try some fun new things including High Tea at the Intercontinental and The Sauna and Spa at Tory Urban Retreat. I also went on an amazing hike in the Tararuas to Kime Hut which you can read about here: Up in the Clouds at Kime Hut. On top of all this, I have been in Fiji for the past week (hence no blog posting) and am eager to get some info about my trip on the blog soon too, so watch out for that.

Anyway, apart from all this, here are the things that I have been loving, this September in Wellington:

Things I have been loving/trying in Wellington during September:

1 My Year With Helen – The Helen Clark Documentary

I actually watched this movie on my Air NZ flight from Fiji back to Wellington. I was planning to go and see it at the cinema so was pretty happy to watch it on the plane. Its a documentary by filmmaker Gaylene Preston and tells the story of ex-New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clarke and her bid to become the first female Secretary General for the United Nations.

This film provides a unique and interesting look at the issue of women in top paid professional jobs as well as a candid look into the professional and personal life of Helen, one of the most powerful women in the world.  What came across most strongly for me was her warm personality and appearance of being surprisingly ‘normal’ despite her arguably abnormal life. Particularly lovely are the scenes featuring her 94 year old father who still lives in NZ and for who  Helen cooks 45 frozen meals in advance before she leaves on her global missions. Touching and inspiring and profound. I definitely recommend this movie.

My Year with Helen Documentary

2 Lashings Food Brownies

Who doesn’t love a hand delivered brownie?

Next on the list this month is a lovely new business that has opened here in Wellington this month. Lashings, is run by fellow Brit, Jackie and is a brownie delivery service within the CBD.

And these brownies are bloody good, they are single origin made with chocolate from the Wellington Chocolate Factory. Your looking at flavors like, Fix and Fogg Peanut Butter and Jam, Vegemite, Vegan Salted Caramel and your classic chocolate -just yum! Anyway, I really recommend them for your Wellington brownie fix. Head to the website (link in title) to order yours, delivery within the CBD is free.

I think these would make a great surprise little gift for someone having a crappy day.

3 The New Hot Sauce Restaurant at QT Museum Hotel

Coming in at number 3 is the newly opened restaurant Hot Sauce at the QT Museum Hotel in Wellington. I was lucky enough to go to the opening, which is probably the first red carpet event I have ever been to and maybe the last. It was amazing complete with drumming, fire twirling and sake galore.

This place is like a little bit of South East Asia mixed with LA, here in Wellington. If you like a bit of trendy cocktail and Asian fusion food then check it out. I am a little unsure about the waitresses outfits but I’ll keep that to myself! A personal favorite cocktail is the Ello Vera, complete with pansy flower in the top – yum.

Hot Sauce Wellington Restaraunt

4 Unity Books turned 50!

Unity Books is a Wellington institution and this month they turned 50, hurrah! This was great as they offered 25% off all books on the day , just in time for me to grab some holiday reads for my trip to Fiji.

Unity are an independent book shop with stores in Wellington and Auckland, so it feels good support the local little guy. They also have such a brilliant selection with loads of well thought out and different recommendations with brilliant displays. The atmosphere in the shop is how a book shop should be, quiet, relaxing and inspirational and it smells good too (or is that just me?)

Happy Birthday Unity Books!

Unity Books Wellington

5 The New Store from Wellington designer Wilson Trollope

Wilson Trollope is a Wellington based women’s fashion brand and its first permanent store has now opened on Victoria Street.

There are 3 main reasons why I think Wilson Trollope is great, here ya go:

  1. Annabelle Wilson, the stores lead designer is from and based in Wellington. It is so great to see local designers like her, making things happen.
  2. This store is a one man band. Designed by, run by and named after the force behind the collections. Girl Power!
  3. The clothing is something you would have forever. The current collection Las Parisiennes is a classical use of florals and lace that is timeless. If a pretty, cute and classic vintage style is your thing, you will most likely LOVE Wilson Trollope.

New Wilson Trollope Store Wellington

Wilson Trollope Jacket

6 Day Tripping on The Kapiti Coast

The Kapiti Coast is getting an honorable mention this month. I headed down there for a Saturday of op shopping, lunch and hanging out on the beach. All of this was brilliant. There are soooo many op shops, particularly in Otaki and Levin, full of goodies.

I’d like to also recommend the Beach Road Deli in Paekakariki for coffee/lunch too.

Kapiti Coast Op Shops

Kapiti Coast

So that was the drill of events for this month. Let me know what you have been doing, what has been great and what you recommend checking out in Wellington next month.

Thanks for reading and come back soon!

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Josie x