Moving to NZ Story #3 | Elina – Yoga & High Vibes

Moving to NZ Story Elina

Be prepared to come here and never want to leave – Elina Welcome to the third instalment of the Lost in Silver Fern Migrant/Moving to NZ stories. This time, I am talking to beautiful friend and Wellington Yoga teacher Elina Sandulescu (Elinamaste). I have known Elina for a while now and have been wanting to get her story […]

Working Life in London vs Wellington | A Comparison

Work in London vs Wellington - 2

The Pros and Cons to Working life in Wellington vs London People often ask me, Whats it like working in NZ compared to London? And, this is quite difficult to answer in a simple way. However, there are some real similarities and also some distinct differences (including but not limited to the New Zealander’s unfaltering dedication […]

One Year in Wellington – 51 Things I Have Learnt

living in Wellington

What’s it like to live in Wellington? My official one year in Wellington anniversary happened on 20th July, so I am a bit late with this anniversary post, but anyway: Congratulations me! In honor of this spectacular occasion I thought I would share the 51 things I have learnt through living in the beautiful windy […]