Okuti Garden – Eco Retreat on the Banks Peninsular – Heaven!

Okuti Garden

After another stint working in Christchurch recently (if you are staying in Christchurch itself check my post on Eco Villa) where I spent almost all of 3 days in the office, I was feeling really desperate to get out and explore the surrounding area. So, I followed this need and changed my flight for the Sunday […]

What to Pack for New Zealand: Clothing Packing Questions, Answered

Kapiti Coast

Packing is one of those hugely annoying and frustrating things about travelling/moving somewhere/life in general! If you are anything like me, you will dread the moments where you have to strategically choose the right things to take with you somewhere to ensure you have the right outfits/warm enough clothes so you don’t end up having […]

Why World of WearableArt (WOW) is SO Important for Wellington

Why WOW is important for Wellington

“Egalitarianism is part of New Zealand’s DNA and World of WearableArt celebrates this” -Gisella Carr, Chief Executive, World of Wearable Art As a former student of History of Art, since I relocated to Wellington I sometimes find myself missing and craving the world-class events of London where I used to live. So when the multi-discipline […]