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If you are looking for NZ travel tips, advice for moving to New Zealand or things to do in Wellington then you have come to the right place!

Lost in Silver Fern is an honest, no frills, expat, travel and Wellington life blog full of tips for moving to/travelling to or living in NZ (particularly Wellington.)

Having spent quite a bit of time scouring the net for useful moving to New Zealand advice, and finding very little, I decided to just do it myself and start this lil Expat/Travel/Wellington Blog!

Thank you for being here and I really hope you will find something useful!

A little about me

I am Josie, I am 29 and from the UK. I moved to Wellington in July 2016 and after leaving life in London, I have slowly but surely learnt to love it in New Zealand. The nature, the fresh air, the people, the colors and the peaceful city of Wellington have so much offer.

If you’re keen to find out more about my reasons for moving to Wellington check out my post: Why move to New Zealand?

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The Lost in Silver Fern values

To me, it is super important while travelling and through life in general to live as sustainably as possible. And this means, supporting local businesses, being environmentally friendly and buying local products wherever I can. These are the Lost in Silver Fern values.

What you will find on this blog…

On Lost in Silver Fern, you will find honest and real advice about my NZ visa experience. Click here to check out How I applied for the New Zealand Partnership Visa. You can also find posts to help you with what you should expect and prepare for before moving to this country for example The 9 Essential Tasks when Moving to New Zealand. And if its my experience you would like to learn from, you may be interested in checking out 51 Things I have learnt after living in Wellington for 1 Year.

And, there is plenty for locals too. You will find lots of hints and tips for things to do and see in Wellington such as 18 Totally Free things to do in Wellington on a Rainy Day. And for reviews and advice about the best things to see and do in Wellington check out my Wellington Life posts.

If travel is your vibe then have a look at the Lost in Silver Fern Travel section to check out awesome NZ destinations and beyond!

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